It’s quite simple; the technology of the future is already here. We’re already interacting with it daily and the vision of the AI powered smart home is finally coming together.  The popularity of Google Nest and Amazon Alexa would suggest that we’ve become accustomed to, and more comfortable with, the idea of living in a connected home.

These two are just the tip of the iceberg and the market has a way to go before it reaches its full potential. The utopian version of the smart home paints a compelling picture of technology that seamlessly integrates, adapts and anticipates consumer needs in everyday life; an alarm clock that adjusts to a daily schedule, a bathroom mirror that conducts a health check, a shower that heats to a preferred temperature. Thanks to advancements in AI the smartest homes will be able to learn about their individual occupants’ daily habits and adjust the home eco system accordingly. 

Many consumers are already using voice-assistant technology to get the latest news or weather forecast or listen to a favourite music playlist. The vision for the future is for those platforms to serve as the eco-system for the entire home, learning about movements and habits while automatically coordinating the various connected devices such as door locks, heating, window blinds and lights accordingly.

What Can A Smart Technology Partner Do For Your Business?

The next generation are more likely than not to end up in a connected home one day, whether they mean to or not. A recent article in Time magazine with architect Michael Gardner, founder of construction firm Luxus Design Build, says homes are increasingly being built “smart” from the ground up. “It’s such an integral part of the home that we’re designing it from the beginning, where beforehand technology was always an afterthought,” he says. Ultimately, experts say, smart-home technology will be perceived as essential as electricity or broadband. 

Many consumers love the idea of a connected home but do not know where to start or understand the full value proposition.  Retail stores are challenged to build sales force capability with the right skills for connected home technology while managing the sheer complexity of the value proposition that needs to be communicated to customers. This is when a smart technology partner who offers end user support will be invaluable.

Construction firms, senior care providers, schools and universities are beginning to find smart technology partners with the skill set and relationships to source, set-up and support this technology for their end users. Relatively speaking this technology is in its infancy and sourcing partners in Ireland is no easy task.  One company that offers this service and who have been working with top estate agents, construction firms and home care providers throughout Ireland is Connectify.  According to their website, Connectify aims to break-down barriers to technology and make smart products accessible to everyone. Connectify supports and empowers people to get the most from their homes and businesses through the power of smart technology.

Senior care providers are also beginning to realise the value of smart home technology for their business. It is believed that health applications will drive at least some of the smart-home growth over the next decade. Cameras, motion detectors, medication dispensers and trackable wrist bands are just some of the technology being trialled.  One of the major challenges in the provision of smart technology for elder care is the low percentage of senior citizens with a broadband and reliable WiFi connection.  This is not an insurmountable obstacle to overcome now with many providers offering flexible, 30-day broadband contracts.

From the role that artificial intelligence and machine learning play in enabling new capabilities it’s not hard to imagine where the smart home industry will be in the next few years. The US market has seen substantial year-over-year growth in the number of connected homes, and this is expected to continue in the years to come. Progressive builders like Meritage in Arizona, have made “smart” a foundation to their business and secured a smart technology partner. Meritage’s connected homes come standard with features like video doorbells and smart locks.  It won’t be long before the rest of the world catch up.

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