The global COVID-19 crisis meant we all had to make adjustments to our lives and businesses quickly and somewhat unexpectedly. One significant change to the daily routines of many was the dramatic shift to remote work and home-schooling. Technology that was once confined to the conference room is now just a key stroke away in every home office, kitchen, bedroom or sitting room across the world.

Zoom became a household name while other existing large corporate tools such as Blueface’s Cloud System, Cisco’s Webex, Microsoft’s Teams and Google Hangouts gave everyone around the globe the ability to continue collaborating and reaching key business milestones.

The expansion of remote working during the pandemic needed technology to deliver visual collaboration tools and video conferencing facilities to bring together globally dispersed teams.  This technology helped teams to deliver essential projects and keep businesses operating through turbulent times. 

A Permanent Shift?

As the economic impact of the virus weighs heavily on our shoulders there is growing concern about what measures will need to be taken for recovery and economic growth. The switch to working remotely could see a fundamental and long-term change in the way businesses continue to operate across the world.  Technology that enables remote working, home schooling and distance collaboration will likely continue to grow. Perfecting the ability to provide clients with a flexible and personalised service on a global scale will become paramount to business success. Equally, finding ways to ensure employees are satisfied and productive while working remotely will secure business growth.

The Consumer Impact

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated home office space or find yourself working from the kitchen table, there is a growing need for suitable home office solutions to make the transition to remote working a little easier.  From desks, chairs and monitors to webcams and headsets, the demand for these products soared in 2020.  One thing is for certain, the increase in demand for reliable broadband and strong WiFi to accommodate remote working, more TV streaming and gaming has also seen a surge in home WiFi boosters and  powerline adaptors.

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